Your nighttime skincare routine, particularly how you cleanse your skin, can make the difference between having healthy, glowing skin or skin that is imbalanced and unhealthy.

Did you know your skin naturally rebalances while you sleep? The pH of your skin is the primary factor in how it is able to protect itself by working to create a normal, slightly acidic acid-mantle to ward off microbes and free radical damage. When make-up and skincare product build-up, toxins, and excess oils are not removed at night, your skin doesn’t have the opportunity to correct its pH.

By cleansing properly, your skin will be healthier and better utilize all of the amazing evening products you’ve invested in.

Here are a few Nighttime cleansing skincare benefits:

  • Removes “urban dust” from the skin, including pollutants, pollen, and mold spores.
  • Excess oil production is swept away, helping keep the pore size smaller.
  • Clean skin allows for more effective skincare product absorption.
  • Supports skin defense mechanisms.

I want to make one more point. Make-up and “cleansing wipes” are not enough to do the job. An actual skin cleanse, using a hydrating cream-based cleanser, exfoliating or foaming cleanser, or an emulsifying oil-based cleanser, are the types of cleansers truly needed to properly cleanse your face.

Lastly, feel free to use an ultrasonic cleansing tool or a Clarisonic with a clean (read: up to one month old) brush head. My favorite way to cleanse my skin is with clean hands in small circular motions and patting dry with a soft and clean face towel.