Acne scarring may leave behind a reminder of a difficult time with your skin.  Plus, acne may also impact your self-esteem and personal life. Microneedling treatments are effective in helping to improve outside scarring. And, as a result, may help reduce the emotional scars acne can leave behind on your heart.

Microneedling works by releasing scar tissue and facilitating new collagen formation. Imagine, filling in the “valleys” of the scar from the bottom up. By inducing a controlled wound response, your body naturally goes into a healing state and rapidly forms new tissues.

After a series of treatments spaced from four to eight weeks apart, many of these acne scars are resolved and as a result, you’ll have much healthier and smoother skin. The process usually takes at least 30 days to see any improvement, so be patient with yourself and the process.

There are 3 types of acne scars: Ice pick, boxcar, and rolling.

  • Ice pick scars are the type of smaller, pitted scarring that usually appears on the cheeks.
  • Boxcar scars have defined edges and a square look to them and occur along the lower half of the face.
  • Rolling scars can be a mixture of the two and include some other textural issues that can present in a wavy and uneven appearance to the skin.

Additional in-office procedures such as the use of dermal fillers and chemical peel treatments can work in conjunction with microneedling for more advanced scarring and hyperpigmentation that often accompanies acneic scarring.

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